What’s Coming for The 2016 Volkswagen Microbus & VW BUDD-e Concept

2016 Volkswagen Microbus

The much anticipated Volkswagen Microbus is slated to become a reality, arriving soon to dealerships around the world. The new VW bus, after a long hiatus, will be a much improved version over the old bus design of the past. New technology and styling breathe new life into a classic VW concept. They don’t look the same as the classic Bus, but the basic size and dimensions are relatively similar to the old models. Anyone familiar with the old VW Bus will recognize them immediately, yet will also likely be drawn to the amazing new, improved sculpted look.

2016 Volkswagen Microbus
Image courtesy of surfcars.net

You can credit modern technology and advancement, and the evolution of Volkswagen design, for the new changes that you will find. Among some of the technical specifications noted include; the new Volkswagen weighs a total 3,200 pound curb weight, comes in six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, sports either a 2.5 L five cylinder, 2.0 liter turbo-four, or a 2.0 L turbo-diesel engine, and travels from 0 to 62 mph in 11.5 seconds. It has a bull-dog shaped nose, complete with an over-sized VW logo, and signature four corners “wheels-at-a-stance” with a low center of gravity for stability. The doors no longer slide as in previous models – they are conventional doors.

The Volkswagen Microbus in current production is definitely a work of art and a potential advancement in evolution and design for Volkswagen’s legacy. The 2016 VW Microbus is a soon-to-be reality that everyone will be able to get their hands on. Current price structures look like the MSRP will be around $25,000 or so, as projected, but as indicated by some reports, the actual cost would be around $35,000. No matter, for Volkswagen fans around the world the time has finally come for the return of the Bus. A much improved Bus at that, we can expect great things to come this year, and the endless fun of VW to return!

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept Vehicle

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept
image courtesy of caranddriver.com

Still a concept, the Volkswagen BUDD-e is still a dream that may or may not come to fruition. Sketches of the fantasy vehicle are still being considered and evaluated by Volkswagen, but it is very much unknown if it will ever make it to production or remain just a concept. Futuristic in every detail, it includes features such as a rear facing passenger seat, a very modern and detached/separate steering wheel ensemble, and a rear seating area that is molded to fit four passengers comfortably. One of the most exciting features of this concept is the fact that the VW BUDD-e is an electric vehicle. The 101-kWh battery in the BUDD-e can go 233 to 373 miles between charges (depending on the whether it is measured by the New European Driving Cycle or the EPA drive cycle). The battery will power both the front and rear wheels, propelling it to speeds of up to 93 miles per hour.

VW BUDD-e Interior Concept
Image courtesy of theverge.com