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Turbocharged direct injection services portland orOne feature that truly sets a Volkswagen or Audi apart from other vehicles is the Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) engine. Conventionally, diesel engines have always been bigger and less efficient as compared to traditional gasoline engines, but that has changed with the TDI engine. Turbo Direct Injection transforms the diesel engine into a fuel-efficient and powerful machine that allows you to enjoy a fast ride without excessive fuel consumption.

Turbocharged Direct Injection is a technology that combines direct cylinder fuel injection techniques with a turbocharger. Volkswagen was a pioneer in the field of TDI, and today the TDI name is most associated with engines made by Volkswagen and Audi. They have reaped the benefits of higher horsepower and better fuel economy because of it.

How Does the Turbocharged Direct Injection Engine Work?

Turbocharged direct fuel injection services Portland, OR

A general understanding of how Turbocharged Direct Injection engines work will be useful, especially when searching for the right auto repair shop for TDI repairs.

Normally, diesel engines rely on indirect injection of diesel fuel in the combustion chamber of the car’s cylinder. TDI uses direct injection, which means the fuel is sprayed right into the cylinder for improved combustion and auto performance.

Secondly, the combination of a turbo charger and an intercooler boosts the engine’s performance. Instead of letting air enter the chamber naturally, the turbocharger will push air into the cylinder to maximize the combustion of diesel inside the cylinder. The cooler will cool the air and make it denser, which means more fuel can be injected into the compressed air for combustion.

Since diesel engines rely on compression of the fuel air mixture combined with glow plugs for combustion, the combination of the turbo charger and the intercooler helps your car derive more power from even a small engine.

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TDI Engines Offer High Performance

Many engineers thought diesel engines sacrificed RPM ratios for torque, and therefore didn’t see them as suitable for these sorts of applications. Unique new ideas Volkswagen and Audi came up with meant that TDI-powered vehicles didn’t have to sacrifice speed for pulling capacity. Audi sent ripples through the engineering world when their diesel-powered turbocharged R10 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2006, 2007 and 2008. This was the first time a diesel-powered vehicle ever won the world’s premier endurance race. Audi already shocked racing fans when the R10 won at Sebring, Florida in March 2006. It became clear that TDI engines offer high performance for drivers.

Experienced TDI Technicians

Novel solutions like these do come at a cost, however. TDI parts tend to be mechanically complex, and specialists are needed to work on them. While Turbocharged Direct Injection is an extremely stable technology that needs little maintenance, all motor vehicles eventually need some work done. Typical mechanics lack knowledge and experience with TDI technology, but Hillside Imports of Portland, Oregon specializes in these types of engines.

As professional auto technicians, Hillside Imports can help with turbo diesel injection service in Portland, Oregon.

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