Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration: An Important Safety Precaution

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration services are vital for when your headlights become hazy. A vast majority of automakers now install polycarbonate headlight lenses on their vehicles. Most aftermarket headlight kits are made from polycarbonate as well. This material is much lighter than traditional glass. Polycarbonate lenses are far clearer most of the time, and they won’t shatter in an accident. Traditional glass lenses often break apart when exposed to mechanical stress.

These lenses can still become damaged over several years on the road. Detergents and waxes used to keep a car’s body shining can actually cause the lenses to look hazy. Environmental factors like sunlight and even exposure to pollution will help to speed up this process. While polycarbonate headlights don’t contain any metallic substances, oxidation is still a factor as well.

Eventually the lenses look foggy, which can be very dangerous when driving at night. No matter how strong your bulbs are, ultimately light has to pass through those lenses on the way out of the headlight assembly. This foggy appearance blocks a portion of the light coming out. The fog can eventually get so bad that it cuts the strength of your headlights by more than a third. You’ll ultimately see less at night than you would with clear lenses. Some lenses become almost completely opaque in extreme cases.

Headlight Restoration

Some drivers opt for new headlights instead of choosing to restore headlights. This might sound like a good idea from a safety standpoint, but it can end up costing you much more than it needs to. You can’t simply replace the lenses on most cars, but instead you must replace the entire headlight assembly. This adds quite a bit onto the cost of what could have been a simple headlight restoration job.

Several companies sell DIY headlight restoration kits. These are a decent idea, and they might work for a while. There is, however, a risk that you might accidentally remove too much material from your lenses and ruin them in the process. You could also accidentally scuff the paint around the headlights in the process. Headlight restoration kits aren’t as effective at cleaning lenses as professionals either, which means in a few months you might be back to where you started. You’d have to do everything all over again.

Professional headlight restoration specialists can do the job without damage to the lenses or the body. Specialists will properly apply a coat of UV blocking sealant to both sides of the lenses to keep them looking clear and shiny for quite some time. Professionals also always guarantee their work, so if something goes wrong you’re not on the hook for it. If you did it yourself, then you could be stuck paying for any mistakes yourself.

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