Winter weather hazards


Here in the Pacific Northwest Winter=Water!

One of the more common concerns we address at Hillside Imports during our winter months is water intrusion.  The calls increase following a powerful weather system like the one that just passed through our area last weekend.

Sometimes the first indication you have a problem is an odd sloshing sound of water moving back and forth as you turn a corner.  Sometimes what you experience is a sopping wet floor mat.  Or maybe you find yourself with a tell tale drip or two falling on your head during your morning commute.  However you discover that water is no longer staying where it should it is important to have the repairs done promptly.

winter rain

While it might feel like a simple inconvenience to have water dripping or pooling up under your feet the reality is that this inconvenience can lead to more serious problems.  If you’ve experienced a puddle under your feet you can be sure that you have a significant water leak.  There is a substantial sound deadening foam pad under your carpet.  If water is pooling that means that pad has absorbed all it can handle.  At that point what we recommend is to bring the car in and leave it for a couple of days.  We’ll remove your interior, extract the water, and be sure to clean off any unsanitary mold that may have grown.  Once everything is clean and dry we’ll put everything back together for you.  Another thing to keep in mind is this; some models make use of storage compartments under your carpeting to house control modules.  Water and electronics do not mix!  If we catch the issue early and get things well dried out then often we can save those modules too.

So, now things are dry as they should be. But why was there water inside in the first place?  The sunroof drains are a common culprit.  These drains in the door can easily become plugged with debris and the water back up and into the car.  We like to modify those drains for our customers to prevent future water problems.  Covers, or cowling, in your engine bay can also become plugged up with leaves and needles.  When you bring your car in for service that’s one area that we are sure to give some attention to.  Taking a few minutes to vacuum out those needles can prevent a return visit with a wet interior.  Torn barriers in the door, worn out seals around lights, or plugged drains; however the water gets in it is important to get it out promptly!  If you’re getting soaked on your morning commute call and make an appointment today.  Your car will thank you!