Special care for special cars

The average cost to maintain a late model vehicle varies greatly.  On the low end for an economical Jetta 2.5L you can expect an average of $750.00 per year for maintenance and repairs over a five year period.  If you’re more inclined towards Audi’s high end Q7, you can expect that number to jump considerably!  Vehicle maintenance is an inescapable, and costly, part of vehicle ownership.  Gone are the days where vehicles could be serviced cheaply at the corner mechanic or in your own driveway.  Today’s modern cars require modern care.

How can you be sure you’re receiving the best value for your hard earned dollar?

  • First, choose a specialist!

If you need open heart surgery, you seek out a specialist.  Likewise, when the MIL comes on in your 2010 Passat, you need to choose a specialist to diagnose the problem.  A well trained technician can save you money in the long run!  A well trained, experienced, diagnostician like those experts employed at Hillside Imports can diagnose difficult problems quicker and with more accuracy than a general repair facility.


  • Then, once you have found your specialist, commit!

Don’t bounce around from shop to shop chasing a dollar discount here and there; establishing a long term service history with one shop will save you time, hassle and money.  Just like you stick with the same doctor, dentist and even hair stylist, stick with us!  We establish files for every customer and pull and review those files when you call with concerns.  We like to think of ourselves as your car doctor.  A thorough medical file can save your life; a thorough car service file can save your money!   When you come to see us for the first time we encourage you to bring with you all your previous service records.  That way Rene can spend some time reviewing the health history of your VW or Audi and have a much better idea of your car’s service needs.

Audi hood up

  • Finally, communicate!

As with all relationships good communication is the key to success.  We welcome your questions and we look for opportunities to help you understand your vehicle’s service needs better.  We know that not every driver is an enthusiast who reads the trade info, peruses the latest technical bulletins or even cracks open their owners manual-more about that later!-whether this is your first car or your 50th we want to make sure you know what the factory recommended services are so you can make well educated choices that will prolong the life of your investment.

Today’s cars are a far cry from even the vehicles filling the highways ten years ago.  Technological advancements have made our vehicles sleeker, smarter, faster, safer, and more fun to drive.  You worked hard to be able to get yourself behind the wheel of the car of your dreams, don’t let that dream become a nightmare.  Trust the experts at Hillside Imports to ensure you’re getting the very best value for your maintenance and repair dollar.