Should You Reconsider DIY Auto Repair or Maintenance?


When auto repair or maintenance is necessary, you might start thinking, “maybe this is something that I can do myself,” to save money or maybe just because it sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Before you make that decision, you must weigh some of the pros and cons of do-it-yourself (DIY) auto repair versus taking your car to a professional auto technician. There are many circumstances where DIY auto repair is not always a great idea. In many cases, it is better to leave auto repair and maintenance to the experts who have the knowledge, experience and the right tools for the job.

DIY Auto Repair

What are the Major Hazards to Performing DIY Auto Repair or Maintenance?

Some repairs or maintenance may sound easy, but can sometimes be more complicated then they seem and sometimes easy repairs can be dangerous to attempt. Anything that requires you to jack up your vehicle or to use heavy machinery can cause you harm. For example, if your Volkswagen is having suspension issues, they should be addressed by a professional mechanic because tremendous force is used to compress coil springs, and special tools are needed to remove them safely. One small mistake could cause a devastating injury. Also, fixing brake lines incorrectly can lead to a deadly accident.

Common Safety Hazards with DIY Repairs Include:

  • Radiator pressure
  • Explosive batteries
  • Improper use of jack stands
  • Fluids getting in eyes
  • Flammable fuel

Do You Have the Knowledge and Expertise for Proper Repair and Maintenance?

Expert Knowledge
Auto technicians have been professionally trained and educated to safely complete auto repairs. Although you may be able to research possible solutions or instructions online, you may not be able to execute the repairs correctly. A novice may begin fixing a car but find the task trickier than expected. Instead of starting a job, stripping a vehicle of its parts, and having no clue how to fix or reassemble the vehicle, it is smarter to leave repairs to experienced auto technicians.

Why Risk Further Damage That Will Just Cost More in the End?

Engine ComplexityWhen you try to fix a car’s problems, your lack of expertise may cause more harm than good. When certain repairs are not performed correctly, they can lead to even costlier repair bills. Without exact precision, your car can end up with serious damage.

Here are some auto parts that require special care:

Timing Belt –  When replacing a timing belt, it is essential to use great care. This is an important part that keeps an engine running. In many cases, when it is replaced, many parts must be removed. The smallest mistakes can cause long term and expensive engine damage.

precision auto repairTransmission – The transmission of a car is extremely complex. Making repairs or changing the fluid requires great patience. In some cases, checking the fluid even requires a computer. Although these types of professional fixes can be expensive, causing a mistake that requires total replacement is even more costly.


Head Gasket – An auto technician understands the need for extreme care when replacing a motor’s head gasket. This part seals the internal combustion process. Besides experience, it also takes a great deal of time to replace a head gasket. It will take a trained technician many hours to replace this due to the number of engine parts that must be removed and reassembled. Trying this at home would be extremely time consuming even if you felt that you are confident enough to do it properly.

Radiator – When replacing a car’s radiator, it is vital all the hoses are connected correctly. If they become loose or disconnected, the engine will not be properly cooled and cause further damage.

Fuel Pump – This pump supplies fuel at the correct pressure to the engine. Performing repairs incorrectly may cause the engine to fail to get the fuel properly, thus not allow it to run any longer.

Do You Have the Proper Tools for the Job?


right tools for the jobAlong with experience, professional auto technicians have the equipment necessary to perform a variety of specialized repairs. Doing the job right requires the correct tools. For example, everyone dreads it when the “check engine” light comes on. To uncover the problem, you must turn into a detective. When you poke around, you can do terrible damage to your vehicle. There are hundreds of possible problems causing the light to turn on, the solution will be much easier to pinpoint by a professional. A technician will attach your car to a diagnostic machine. Within minutes, the issue will be identified. A professional will also have the high quality, specialized tools to efficiently complete the repairs as well. Tools that the average person does not have in their tool box, such as brake spring pliers, fork separators, spring compressors, timing gear pullers – just to mention a few.

Proper Tools for Auto Repair

Your Car is Worth the Proper Care

Whether you own an affordable Volkswagen or a more expensive Audi, it is important to take proper care of it. When it comes to auto repair, it is best left to the professionals. Auto technicians have the tools and training to solve problems safely and effectively. Although you will need to pay professionals, it will probably cost less in the long run.  Besides causing worse damage that is more expensive to fix, you will not need to buy special tools or risk physical harm. If you are experiencing a problem, schedule an appointment with your ASE certified auto repair shop today.

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