About Us

Hillside Imports has been providing the finest in Audi and VW repair in Portland, OR since 1999. Under the expert guidance of Rene, Pedro, and Krista Rodriguez, the team at Hillside Imports offer only impeccable service and individual attention to each and every customer, each and every time. Family owned and operated, the shop is proud of their talented and loyal staff of skilled ASE certified and factory trained technicians. At Hillside Imports, the priority is not only to return a clean and cared for vehicle, but to restore safety and peace of mind to their valued clients.

The Best Customer Service in Audi and VW repair in Portland, OR

“Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with the customer,” says executive director Krista Rodriguez. “Its not about how much money people are going to give us today. Its about building relationships for tomorrow.”

“We are getting to the point where we are starting to see three generations of customers,” states owner Rene Rodriguez. “Some of our clients started to come in with their parents as grade school children. And than a car would get passed on to them, and we would see them when they were in high school. And again in college, and then married, and now having kids of their own.”

“We have customers who continue with the VW and Audi car line, specifically because they don’t want to choose another shop,” says Krista.

Hillside Imports is one of the few auto shops that can also accommodate any and all TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) needs. “We get calls every day, asking if we know how to work on TDI,” states Krista. “We happen to specialize in TDI. We keep your car on the road, out of the shop, and trouble free. And if you want it to go faster, we can do that too.” Maintaining your vehicle from its first 5K mile service, all the way through to an electrical and drivability diagnosis, Hillside Imports is your dealer alternative for Audi and VW repair in Portland, OR.

Hillside Imports, Family owned and operated Audi and VW repair in Portland, OR
The Rodriguez Family, three generations of VW and Audi enthusiasts.